Staff Excellence Award

Six outstanding staff members will receive a Missouri S&T Staff Excellence Award this year.

The awards are intended to show appreciation for and recognition of staff contributions to the university. The awards will be given to staff members who have made significant contributions to the university through a combination of job performance, relationship with their associates, and dedication to the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Any staff member, faculty member or student at the university may submit nominations, except for current members of the Staff Excellence Awards Committee.

Nominations are now open for 2023 Missouri S&T Staff Excellence Awards via the online form.


The awards will be given to staff members. Nominations must detail how the staff member demonstrates excellence in work, being a bridge builder, or maintaining a student-centric focus. To be eligible, all staff members must be employed (full-time or part-time) for a minimum of three years at Missouri S&T. The Missouri S&T Staff Excellence Award Committee will make recommendations to the Chancellor for final approval. 

  • Members of the Staff Excellence Awards Committee are not eligible
  • Employees who have won the award within the past five years are not eligible

Additional Awards

Outstanding Newcomer Award

New to staff council in 2019, this award is intended to show appreciation and recognition for a staff member who is new to campus and making an impact. The award will be given to a staff member who has made significant contributions to the university as a new staff member hired within the last two years. All new staff (full-time or part-time) are considered based on a combination of job performance, relationship with their associates, and dedication to the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Any staff member, faculty member or student at the university may submit nominations.

Submit a nomination for the 2023 Staff Council Outstanding Newcomer Award via the online application. Nomination deadline is April 14, 2023.  

Nominate Here

Outstanding Faculty Award

Also new to staff council in 2019, this award is intended to show appreciation for and recognition for a faculty member who is actively engaged in supporting staff across campus.  The award is to acknowledge a faculty member who promotes the values of the campus and staff and is an outstanding member of the campus community. Any staff member, faculty member or student at the university may submit nominations.

Submit a nomination for the 2023 Staff Council Outstanding Faculty Award via the online application. Nomination deadline is April 14, 2023.  

Nominate here

Previous Award Winners

Excellence Awards
  • Amy McMillen, director of the S&T Advising Center
  • Jeannie Werner, office support assistant III for civil, architectural and environmental engineering
  • Dedie Wilson, experiential learning specialist in academic support
  • Nancy Winterburg, business support specialist II for biological sciences
  • Roger Younger, computer engineer in electrical and computer engineering
  • Latesha Zach, fiscal manager for the College of Engineering and Computing
Jan Buhlinger Spirit Award
  • Megan Fowler, business support specialist II in the College of Engineering and Computing
Newcomer Award
  • Rob Bussell, senior admissions counselor for the Chicago region
Outstanding Faculty Award
  • Dr. Diana Ahmad, Curators’ Distinguished Teaching Professor of history emerita
Excellence Awards
  • Cindy Welch-Assistant Director of Admissions

Cindy strives to serve students and their families. She is an excellent communicator and always finds ways to show students that S&T is attainable and affordable. She is willing to think outside the box and try different approaches to projects.

  • Erica Long-Senior Academic Advisor in Menchanical & Aerospace Engineering

From answering questions about curriculum to questions about internships/co-ops, career advice, transitioning to graduate school, and sometimes just about life, Erica masterfully helps students navigate each component of their undergraduate career in our department.

  • Jerry Tichenor-Research Technical Services Supervisor for Electrical & Computer Engineering

Jerry seeks out opportunities and volunteers for tasks that improve the operation of the department for both research and teaching. I am impressed with his interest in our students and with his willingness to assist whenever there are needs. He is not the typical laboratory manager; he is an active partner in meeting our educational mission.

  • John Held-Director of Planned Giving in University Advancement

John is unwavering in his passion for building inspirational relationships with S&T alumni and friends. John is the fiercest donor advocate I know, and adeptly parlays alumni connections into transformational gifts that ensure our university's continued growth and prosperity.

  • Joni Matlock-Finance and Accounting Specialist for CEC

Despite growing duties, shrinking staff numbers, and covering the responsibilities of others, Joni consistently delivers outstanding work and meets all of her critical deadlines. She is highly collaborative, regularly helping anyone in the department when she can, and even puts their needs before her own when it’s the right thing for them or the department.

  • Kurt Pritchett-Expert System Support Analyst for IT Help Desk

Kurt is exactly as his official title for the university calls him.....he is an EXPERT at his job of fixing my computers and an EXPERT at interpersonal relations. He NEVER, EVER makes me feel like I'm "dumb" and he can fix EVERY single computer problem in about 30 seconds. Kurt has been instrumental in bringing the helpdesk through a period of great upheaval.

  • Misty Fulliam-Business Support Specialist II in Teacher in Education

Misty is always focused on the students and creates a warm, welcoming environment in the office. She gets to know individual students and their stories; this motivates her to reach out to them when scholarships are available or when other opportunities arise.  Misty has taken on additional responsibilities without complaint because she is dedicated to the department’s mission of producing quality teachers for the region.

  • Patricia Robertson-Administrative Assistance in GGPE

I can honestly say that I can think of no other staff member that exemplifies excellence more than Ms. Robertson does. She has served S&T for more than 40 years in various roles, and in each position, she consistently sets the standard for competence, friendliness, and reliability.  She never forgets that we are here to serve students, and she is well-liked by both students and faculty. We would be lost without her.

  • Renee Stone-Accountant for Miner Alumni Association

Renee has a big heart and is fueled by helping others flourish and succeed. At her very core is the desire to help others. She is the epitome of kindness, sincerity and selflessness. Going above and beyond is part of her everyday life and she never expects any recognition or praise for her sincere acts of kindness. She is a ‘fixer’ to the nth degree and will stop at nothing to help others.

  • Shawn Wiles-Police Corporal for University Police

Shawn goes out of his way to make a positive impact in the lives of staff and students, and to show them kindness. He would give the shoes off his feet (he has literally done that) to help someone out for nothing in return. His dedication to S&T and the campus community is apparent in the way he acts and treats people around him.

  • Simone Waldon-Strategic Partner in Human Resources

In addition to being effective in the performance of her regular duties, Simone is always willing to step in and assume additional responsibilities, learn new things, and serve as role model for new HR staff and student employees. She has a welcoming demeanor with genuine concern for each and every individual, which is apparent in her interactions with others as she assists them with their questions or issues.

  • Wendy Estes-Strategic Partner in Human Resources

As needs arise, Wendy acts with agility and efficiency while continuing to produce work of the highest quality and demonstrating utmost respect while serving our faculty, staff, students, and visitors. She is someone who can think through issues and ask critical questions about whether something is in the best interest of an individual, a department, or the University.

Jan Buhlinger Spirit Award
  • Amanda Kossuth-Academic Advisor in S&T Advising Center
Newcomer Award
  • Angelica Nuno-Finance and Accounting Specialist for CEC

Angelica naturally works to improve whatever systems she is interacting with, by first listening to others, soliciting opinions, and cooperating to optimize. She does this while maintaining a positive outlook regardless of the varied challenges, all of which she takes in stride.

Outstanding Faculty Award
  • Dr. Daryl Beetner-Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Beetner consistently goes above and beyond in everything he does, including his advocacy and support for staff, dedication to the university, collaborative efforts, teaching duties, research responsibilities, and more.

Excellence Awards

  • Cindy Barton, office support assistant in admissions
  • Jason Birdsong, custodian in custodial and landscape services
  • John Chaplin, carpenter in design, construction and space management
  • Pam Crabtree, administrative assistant in physics
  • Keri DeGraffenreid, senior student support specialist in admissions
  • Misty House, program and project support coordinator for the provost’s office
  • Elaina Manson, office support assistant in computer science
  • Doug Roberts, chief of University Police

Newcomer Award

  • Kimberly Courtney, senior operations support technician for parking operations
Outstanding Faculty Award
  • Dr. Suzanna Long, chair and professor of engineering management and systems engineering
Excellence Awards
  • Tina Alobaidan, administrative associate I in mining and nuclear engineering
  • Joe Boehm, building services supervisor in the Havener Center
  • Bobbi Jo Davis, building maintenance custodian lead in student affairs
  • Jeffrey Heniff, research engineering technician II in the Rock Mechanics and Explosives Research Center
  • Barbara Palmer, office support associate in the office of the provost
  • Jennifer Pratt, executive assistant in sponsored programs
  • Jody Seely, office support assistant III in civil, architectural and environmental engineering
  • Debra Wielms, grants and contacts specialist in sponsored programs
  • Lisa Winstead, senior secretary in the Intelligent Systems Center

Jan Buhlinger Spirit Award
  • John Cook, student recruitment specialist in admissions
Excellence Awards
  • Misty Daniels, manager II of business administration in fiscal services
  • Siiri Gilness, senior office support assistant in student affairs
  • Rhonda Grayson, business support specialist II in computer science
  • Virginia Hauck, custodian in facilities services
  • Gavin Jewell, media producer I in global learning
  • Lisa Olds, office support assistant IV in University Police
  • Carolyn Pridgeon, custodian in the Havener Center
  • Tina Reagan, student support specialist II in student life
  • Sammatha Wilcox, student support assistant II in career opportunities and employer relations

Jan Buhlinger Spirit Award
  • Joe Boehmbuilding services supervisor in the Havener Center