Staff Council committees

All Missouri S&T staff members are welcome to attend and join all open Standing and Special Interest committees. You do not have to be a Staff Council member to take part in Staff Council activities. If you are  interested or have suggestions for committees or activities, please do not hesitate to reach out and email us.

The Advocacy Committee exists to represent and promote the interests and concerns of the staff. The committee will strive to advocate for improved working conditions of physical, mental and monetary value. Its members will conduct surveys and forums, and create special interest committees as needed to gather and understand the needs of the Missouri S&T staff members. These responsibilities will contribute to a better community and environment for the campus staff and help with employee retention and development. Meetings are closed to Advocacy Committee Members only due to confidentiality of concerns being discussed. Concerns can be sent directly to the Advocacy Committee Chair or to

Key Responsibilities

  • Create and promote professional development opportunities to help career advancement. This could be by hosting online webinars, promoting professional development opportunities,  providing training opportunities.
  • Host an annual professional development event on campus for all staff.
  • Address concerns and grievances that periodically arise among staff, such as payroll, working conditions (mental and physical), staffing, etc.
  • Play a large role in helping Staff Council live up to its purpose.


Lauren Perala

Advocacy Committee Chair

Tricia Helton-George

Advocacy Committee Co-chair

Shari Hill
Brittney Meyer
Sarah White

The Campus Involvement Committee’s purpose is to maintain a connection among staff, campus, and the Rolla community. The members will be responsible for planning and promoting social events, charitable activities, and community service opportunities; along with helping to maintain an active involvement of staff well-being. The committee will strive to build and nurture a strong campus community.

Key Responsibilities

  • Shall coordinate staff awards and recognition opportunities.
  • Organize special events such as, but not limited to, Fall Appreciation and Staff Appreciation Day.
  • Promote and create opportunities for a healthy and positive campus environment, encouraging good habits with regard to staff physical well-being.
  • Plan charity drives and events to help give back to our local community.
  • Create and promote special events for staff, to help build a better working relationship among University peers and the Rolla community.
Kimberly Baker

Campus Involvement Committee Chair

Joni Matlock

Campus Involvement Committee Co-chair

LuTrisha Decker
Mark Evans
Patricia Reising
Jody Seely
Brittany Smith

The Communications Committee shall consist of a chair, at least two (2) staff council members, and members from various areas of the University and shall be responsible for promoting and publicizing the activities and accomplishments of the Staff Council by proactively gathering and disseminating information in a timely and effective manner through email, the Staff Council website, University publications (e.g. eConnection), and other appropriate media.

Key Responsibilities

  • Strive to help Staff Council fulfill its purpose, by keeping a strong line of communication between administration and staff.
  • Facilitate the publication of all Staff Council meeting times and locations.
  • Maintain the Staff Council webpage.
  • Provide communication and promotion assistance to all Staff Council committees.
  • Contribute to the maintenance of the Staff Council communication archive.
  • Welcome new members and visitors to Staff Council in an appropriate fashion.
  • Welcoming new S&T staff hires and sharing information about Staff Council.
Kevin Walkup

Communications Committee Chair

Ramona Nicewaner

Communications Committee Co-chair

Kimber Crull
Missy Millspaugh
Austin Wall