Staff Excellence Awards 2016


Nine outstanding Missouri S&T staff members will receive Missouri S&T Staff Excellence Awards this year. The awards are intended to show appreciation for and recognition of staff contributions to the university.  The awards will be given to staff members who have made significant contributions to the university through a combination of job performance, relationship with their associates, and dedication to the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Any staff member, faculty member or student at the university may submit nominations, with the exception of current members of the Staff Excellence Awards Committee. 

Criteria for Nomination and Selection

The awards will be given to staff members in the following five job categories, provided at least three nominations are received for each category. To be eligible, all staff members must be employed (benefit elegible) for a minimum of three years at Missouri S&T by Monday, April 10, 2017.

  • three awards for administrative/professional (3-year eligibility requirement)
  • three awards for secretarial/clerical (3-year eligibility requirement)
  • one award for technical/paraprofessional (3-year eligibility requirement)
  • two awards for crafts/services (3-year eligibility requirement)
  • Current member of either Staff Council or the Staff Excellence Awards Committee are not eligible
  • Employees who have won the award within the past five years are not eligible

The Missouri S&T Staff Excellence Awards Committee will make recommendations to the Chancellor for final approval.



The 2016 Staff Excellence Award winners were:

Gary Abbott, research engineering tech II in civil, architectural and environmental engineering

Terry Barkley, BTS carpenter in facilities operations

Hilary Beam, office support assistant IV in career opportunities and employer relations

Andrew Careaga, executive director of marketing and communications

Jason Cox, senior research specialist in the Center for Infrastructure Engineering

Lucretia Eaton, manager II of business administration in fiscal services

Shirley Hall, office support assistant III in mining and nuclear engineering

Theresa Herron, custodial lead in student affairs auxiliary services

Sandy Martin, office support assistant III in electrical and computer engineering


Jan Buhlinger Spirit Award winner:

--Sylvia Dees