Nomination Process

1. A call for nominations will be emailed to staff and placed in the employee eConnection with a listing of pending vacancies for each Council seat and the election procedures for filling them published on the staff council website.  Accepted nominees will be recognized on the website and eConnection.

2. Electronic nomination must be submitted by July 22.  Ballot procedures will be emailed for electronic voting.  Any “benefit eligible” employee with at least one (1) year of service before July 1, 2017 is eligible for election to the Staff Council.

Election Process

3. Election campaigning at university expense is prohibited.

4. Following nominations, ballots will be sent out by email to benefit elegible staff and must be submitted by electronic ballet form no later than August 1.

5. Ballots will be counted under supervision of the Election Committee and the results will be published promptly.  In the event of a tie vote, the Election Committee, by secret ballot, will make the final selection.

6. Ballots will be retained for two (2) years following public notification of election results.  At that time, they will be destroyed.  An official record of the election results will be held by the Secretary.

CURRENT TERMS AND VACANCIES as of September 30, 2017

9 Vacant Positions

NAME Employee Group TERM ENDS
September 30


John Cook  Administrative/Professional 2018 NO
Shasta Lawrence   Administrative/Professional  2018  NO
Stephanie Martensen   Administrative/Professional  2018  NO
    Administrative/Professional   YES
Victoria Hagni  Technical/Paraprofessional  2018 NO
   Technical/Paraprofessional   YES
   Craft/Maintenance   YES
   Craft/Maintenance   YES
   Craft/Maintenance   YES
   Craft/Maintenance   YES
Christina Barton  Secretarial/Clerical  2018  NO
 Beth Abner - Past Chair   Secretarial/Clerical  2018  NO
 Sylvia Dees - Chair   Secretarial/Clerical 2019 NO
    Secretarial/Clerical   YES
    Secretarial/Clerical   YES
    Secretarial/Clerical   YES